Bulk Entry Information

If you have a group of 20 or more people you are eligilble for a bulk group entry fee of $60 per person. All bulk entries MUST be received at least three weeks prior to each event to qualify for the discount. 

How? Get your rugby team, netball team, workmates, friends and family together and if you enter 20 or more people receive the special bulk entry discount!

How to enter a Bulk Entry

Option One
Email jenna@eventpromotions.co.nz with the number you wish to enter, we will then send you an invoice, once we receive confirmation that this invoice has been paid we will allocate you with a pin code. This means you will be able to enter yourself and your group through our online system, or provide your group with the the pin code so they can enter themselves online. 

If you have more people that would like to enter at a later date, you can just email us again with the remaining total of people that would like to enter, we will then send you another invoice. Once payment has been accepted for the second group we will allocate another pin code for that number of people. Please Note: This option ONLY applies if you have 5 or more people to add to your group. 

Option Two
Get your team to fill out entry forms. Send these in ALL TOGETHER with one payment (either cheque or direct deposit).

Groups of nine people or less
If you have a group of nine people or less and are entering into the Corporate or Gym/Club Challenge then your team manager can set up your team and everyone can go online and enter but exit out of the screen once they get to the payment section. Once everyone has done this the team manager can go in and edit their team and select everyone and make a one off payment for them all. 

For more information please visit eventpromotions.co.nz or email jenna@eventpromotions.co.nz.